Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kelly: Why ‘The Flintstones’ is evil (and happy birthday) -

Kelly: Why ‘The Flintstones’ is evil (and happy birthday) -

I found this via twitter.

James Hibberd
Why Flintstones was evil

ATTENTION WRITERS - here's how to sell a TV Series if you can understand what this article means.

This article is a very elegant, BRIEF, analysis with bullet points of the formula for THE FLINTSTONES episodes and the effect that formula may have had on a generation at a susceptible age. OK, it comes wrapped in opinion, but if you unwrap it, you'll find what you need to build your own cultural icon.

There are a lot of comments to think about, too. The whole issue of the cause-effect relationship between fiction and "real life" has not been completely defined and described yet. Here's your chance to show-don't-tell what that relationship is to you, and what it means to your generation.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Create a set of 8 bullet points illustrating the philosophical issues your show tackles in each episode. Note that 7th-minute formula "beat" -- lay out your show's BEATS.

This article discusses the FLINTSTONES that was a TV cartoon -- today's market is for animated webcast cartoons cut into smaller segments. Create one using this breakdown of FLINTSTONES.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg