Monday, July 1, 2013

Videogames Have To Be Written For Screen, Too! by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Videogames Have To Be Written For Screen, Too! by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Jean Lorrah and I have been working with Loreful, a videogame developing company, on a Sime~Gen RPG, and it's an education in writing craft like you wouldn't believe!

It's very different, an innovation in the videogame field, and may rack up a number of FIRSTS. 

Here are some ways to follow, watch, participate and evaluate what's happening in this hybrid-field that blends the movie industry with the computer industry with every sort of personal creativity you can imagine.

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... the first phase of our campaign leading up to our Kickstarter on Sept. 3, 2013. We are launching as well as all of our social media channels. From today until the Sept 3rd, we will be slowly growing our social media presence and awareness of Ambrov X, our Kickstarter and our presence at the Cincy Comicon on Sept. 6-8. To do that we need your help!

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You may learn an unexpected amount by watching a series of novels used as deep background, BACKSTORY, to unfurl an epic space war using a story-driven role-playing video game is set to arrive cross-platform from PCs to touch screen devices. 
If  you're a storyteller who doesn't game, you will very likely want to watch the steps taken to create this unique product.  
The List above gives you a variety of points of contact, but here's what to remember, taken from 
Cagle continued, "Not only do we have the opportunity to expand upon this diverse Sci-Fi universe, but we are also challenging the format of RPGs by releasing our game in five episodes, ranging from three to five hours of gameplay each. We have seen a significant market hungry for more story-based RPGs and in 2012 we witnessed an incredible response to the power of episodic gaming, particularly around telling emotionally engaging stories. With the episodic model at the core of our design strategy, we intend to start where the need is the greatest, in the Sci-Fi genre."

Set in a far distant future, Ambrov X casts players as leaders of an unlikely but elite crew tasked with planting space beacons which allow for faster than light space travel. The Ambrov X saga unfolds into an emotional story of First Contact, while also confronting issues and themes central to the Sime~Gen Universe.
"Ambrov X will draw players into a vast universe filled with intrigue, action and adventure in the space opera tradition. With a nod to great science fiction of the past, the story will emphasize weighty and sometimes controversial issues confronting players not often seen in the gaming genre," Cagle explained. "Players can expect all of the features that define a modern RPG; player character customization, fully-voiced dialogue choices that truly impact the story, crafting, companion reputation and fast, skill-based combat. However, we aren't just copying what has been done before. Our design strategy continues to drive us to find new innovations to old problems. These innovations will set us apart in the market."

Ambrov X is slated for a Q4 2014 release on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Ouya and Gamestick. Future releases on PS Vita, WiiU, PS4 and XBOX One are being considered. For more information, visit For exclusive updates, follow the official Ambrov X social channels at and @AmbrovX on Twitter.