Sunday, August 25, 2013

Loreful has released a video with me in it!

Loreful has released a video about AMBROV X, the story driven, cross-platform, science fiction RPG based on my Sime~Gen novels, but taking the story into space for a First Contact Adventure.

You can see the presentation mentioning me, and my co-author Jean Lorrah, here:

It starts with the CEO of Loreful, pictured above, and goes on to show you some eye-popping animation work.  If you know how these things are made, you will be impressed.  If you don't - you will be impressed with the artwork.

What impressed me the most -- the EDITING!  Oh, OK, it says nice things about me, and that is impressive, but really this is a bit of editing work well worth studying.

If you know the Sime~Gen novels,
you understand how complex and deep the worldbuilding and backgrounding are -- how intricate the characters and their problems.  All of that will be unfolded throughout the episodes of this Game with new characters facing new problems -- in a FIRST CONTACT scenario with aliens invented by the Loreful writers. 

Presenting the essence of the Sime~Gen background in a tiny-little-video like this which is mostly not about the background of the created universe, but about the Game you get to play in that universe, is an EDITING TRIUMPH of the first magnitude.

If you've been struggling to boil your novel down to a "query letter" or synopsis, read my previous post on this blog

Then consider the additional steps needed to turn a Sime~Gen synopsis into a pitch such as this one.

You'll appreciate the craftsmanship behind this little video once you try to make one like that for your own novels.

by Jacqueline Lichtenberg