Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Review Columns & Novel Reprints


My Monthly Aspectarian Review column now has a list of books to be reviewed through November 2012.

The columns available to read on now include July 2012, which starts with a strange and interesting book titled, Interview With A Jewish Vampire.

You'll find the index to all 2012 at:


Those of My Blood and its companion volume, Dreamspy, two Vampire Romance novels from St. Martin's Press in Hardcover had the collector's price escalating above $500 a copy until BenBella re-issued them in paperback.  But they sold out, so now Borgo Press has picked them up and will soon provide both paper and e-book editions at much more reasonable prices.

Here are the Amazon pages for these books,

And you will also find the new editions listed on our Amazon bookstore (though the new editions will be available everywhere and in almost all e-book formats sans DRM)

And here is a comment from a reader who accidentally found the Vampire anthology Vampire's Dilemma on Amazon.

"I saw the book "Vampire's Dilemma" on and because it had your name on it I had to have it.  I first stumbled upon the Sime-Gen books at the library near my work, then lost them for a long time, and started gathering them (and Those of My Blood, etc.) again.  I really enjoy reading them.  I also recently (2006 I think) discovered fanfiction and it gave me a whole new outlook on life beyond just voraciously reading.  I'm not saying I was nearly as good as some of the fanfiction writers, but good enough that people read what I wrote.  What a feeling!  Some of the other fanfiction writers were better than the ones out there in the bookstores, in my opinion.  I still read them faithfully.  It kills me that they're so slow with their updates!  I may not be as good, but I am consistent!  I started out with anime fanfiction, but eventually graduated & now post on fictionpress.  I don't mean to go on and on, because except for posting, I've never really "joined" anything on any of the sites.  I was just so pleasantly surprised when I read the authors' notes in "Vampire's Dilemma" that they did the same things in pretty much the same ways as I did--and went on from there!  There are so many good stories (and a lot of not so good ones, but even those can draw you in--if the story's captivating enough, you can overlook the bad writing!)  So I just wanted to share that I think it's wonderful that you recognize fanfiction writing and on-line writing in general.  Looking forward to more!  Eve"

That is: 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Worldbuilding With Fire And Ice Part 4 -- This post sets up the foundation for a leap into integrating WORLDBUILDING techniques with CHARACTER ARC, and gives you homework.

alien romances: Worldbuilding with Fire And Ice Part 4: Storms of ...: Here's a post with a list of prior Worldbuilding posts. ...