Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post Tips On Writing Exercises Here

My sometime collaborator and co-owner of Sime~Gen Inc. Jean Lorrah has a Twitter account posting Tips on Writing.

You may post any writing exercise attempting to use a tip from this Twitter feed, or from the Writing Workshop at http://www.simegen.com/school/workshop .

There is a new workshop lesson at

Be sure what you post on this blog is only an exercise for public domain not anything for publication.

This blog is for writing students to master techniques, not to get critiques on a story in development for publication.

Follow http://twitter.com/tipsonwriting to get the tips, try the technique on just any old thing you can think of, and post your words as a comment to this blog.

You don't have to post here immediately - nor in the sequence the tips are offered.

Be sure to say which tip you're illustrating and evaluate how well you think you succeeded. Note whether you want feedback from Jacqueline Lichtenberg or Jean Lorrah -- or not! Feel free to post here and only get feedback from your friends or other writers.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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