Thursday, August 6, 2009

R.I.P. notices

Blake Snyder our prime writing teacher with SAVE THE CAT! & Charlie Davis, EVP at CBS Films, passed Aug 4 & Aug 6, we also lost Director John Hughes.

On the Waterfront' screenwriter Budd Schulberg dies in NY at 95

That article says of Schulberg:
"On the Waterfront," directed by Elia Kazan and filmed in Hoboken, N.J., was released in 1954 to great acclaim and won eight Academy Awards. It included one of cinema's most famous lines, uttered by Marlon Brando as the failed boxer Terry Malloy: "I coulda been a contender."

Schulberg never again approached the success of "On the Waterfront," but he continued to write books, teleplays and screenplays — including the Kazan-directed "A Face in the Crowd" — and scores of articles. Spike Lee was an admirer, dedicating the entertainment satire "Bamboozled" to Schulberg and working with him on a film about boxer Joe Louis.

We lost Charlie Brown, founder and editor of Locus, The Newspaper of the Science Fiction field a couple weeks ago, and just got the first LOCUS issue in the mail after his death today. Joan Winston, my co-author on Star Trek Lives! passed away last year.

I'm not taking this well.


ozambersand said...

I just read the news. What a young age to die!

He will be sorely missed, not the least by you Jacqueline and all the others he influenced so strongly.

Here's a virtual hug for you.

Kimber Li said...

Noo, it's too soon. We still needed Mr. Snyder so much. I was just getting started learning all he had to teach.

ozambersand said...

There's a lovely tribute to Blake "Remembering Your Hero" by his colleague José Silerio