Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday sales could launch e-book readers as mass-market must-haves -

I've been in a lengthy and detailed discussion in the Romance Community boards at Amazon on the future of copyright

Where I alerted them to the following from the Washington Post

Holiday sales could launch e-book readers as mass-market must-haves -

Which is all of direct and immediate interest to me because my Dushau Trilogy is now available on Kindle, and Molt Brother and its direct sequel City of a Million Legends is on as multi-format ebook, and my Vampire Romances Those of My Blood and Dreamspy are in POD available on Amazon.

There's a publisher and a few writers on this Romance Community thread interacting with readers. As I've been saying on the Alien Romance blog,
there is an intimate relationship between the writer, art, and the reader. The writer must choose which of all the stories in her head that she must write.

Writers have more stories than they can write in a lifetime. They must choose, and market is an important element in that choice.

The Washington Post story on ebook readers and the growth of that market is something all writers must take into account.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg


Kimber Li said...

Let's hope so! I'm still perfectly happy with my mini-laptop which I can read eBooks and write my own books on it and it fits in my purse.

I just noticed something about my writing style. Besides writing the main characters in Threes, I also write the secondary characters in Threes as well.

This stage of revision CRUSHED (formerly titled Sweet) is in, I call 'Weed & Polish.' Although with this story, it's been mostly 'Weed & Patch.' (((sigh))). Anyway, in this stage everything in the story is 'shaking down' and I now have three solid secondary characters and, wouldn't you know it, there are three.

By the way, I retitled it CRUSHED after your advice to focus on Theme. Sweet does not reflect the theme. Now I'm seeing theme everywhere!

Kimber Li said...

Jacqueline, pleeease blog on the Catalyst moment before my characters trample me to bits!