Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Hunting Ground for Eclectic Readers

I'm seeing a trend in the world at large, using social networking.

I've been talking about that a lot on but here's a new twist or wrinkle. gathers readers who talk to each other about good books - and they form Groups specializing in various genres.

Authors participate as well, talking not just to their own readers but readers of other authors and other genres. But more than that, they listen to readers. They're readers themselves or likely wouldn't spend much time on

There are several social networks specializing in book readers, including Amazon's own communities. This is happening worldwide - readers uniting, leaving traditional publishers somewhat bewildered.

The online fan fiction networks are likewise growing. See but prepare to be mind-boggled. These are writers in training building the followings that publishers are beginning to require as a pre-requisite to reading a manuscript.

Out of this fermenting stew of readers and writers is rising a body of work that is breaking new ground and I think changing the publishing landscape.

I found these 2 Lists on Amazon with a real grab-bag of different titles, and even see a couple I want to review.

Breakout Books by Independently-Published Authors


Rise of the Indie Author | Standout Self-Published Novels

These are authors who are accessible, participate in and really listen to readers. Read their novels and tell them what you would want to see next - and you may find they are more responsive than anyone working in mass market.

In fact, some of these authors are working in mass market -- and are responsive to readers anyway.

Expand your horizons.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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