Sunday, February 20, 2011


I belong to a group of mass market writers who have posted their own backlist as e-books. I've posted my award winning Dushau trilogy to Kindle, but Wildside's Borgo imprint is doing my Sime~Gen novels, and already has Molt Brother and City of a Million legends on Kindle and other e-book formats.

Over 70 authors belong to this Group - called Backlist Ebooks. Here are a few who have blogs you can learn from.

Gerald M Weinberg - ( )

Doranna Durgin,

Marsha Canham,

Jacqueline Lichtenberg,
(where I post on Tuesdays)

Jeffrey A. Carver,

Jill Metcalf,

Terry Odell,

Maryann Miller,

Patricia Rice,

Pati Nagle,

Lorraine Bartlett or Lorna Barrett,

Karen Ranney, 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg (slowly being updated with NEW Sime~Gen releases)

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