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Incorrect Information About You As A Writer May Turn Up Online

Incorrect Information About You As a Writer
May Turn Up In A Search Engine 


Readers used to "vet" you by looking you up in a "Who's Who" or similar paper book brought out front by a reference librarian (I'm in a lot of them).  Some of that info, printed on paper, would be out of date, and some of it never was true.

The same thing happens on the internet, only sometimes the info page is not dated.  What you read must be kept in your tentative-file, and not believed until confirmed by direct contact with the individual involved.

We all know better than to believe anything found on the internet.  Except, sometimes, you are in a hurry and find something that looks legitimate, and just use it as if it is true, or the whole truth.  Much of what is written about any public figure will have been written by enemies of that public figure.
Published writers are not immune to this phenomenon.


Here is an example that might be illustrative of using a well known name as click-bait for a scam selling information about Internet Figures, people known on social media to be influential.  It is possible this site might be collecting info with bots, then reselling it to advertisers.  They did not consult me before excerpting these items.

A friend of mine found my name used thusly:

It appears some of this is lifted from things like or and other subscription services -- where I often fill forms with untrue info because it's none of their business. A lot of it is true, and lifted from my sites -- Facebook -- -- by some kind of "bot" that really does not know how to read!  Some of it is true, or was at some time.  All of it is online somewhere, or was at one time or another.

What I'm posting here today is true as of August, 2016.

Note the copyright listings at the bottom of this page. Obviously, they are trying to conform to any legal details.

There is true "information" on that page mixed with information that is not true or way out of date.

Yes, I write books, and those are titles of mine -- but there exists newer information.

Here is where to get updated information and contact information:

You can find me on Facebook

And the Sime~Gen Group where it's easy to talk with me to directly verify information. It's not hard to get in touch.

You can talk to me on Twitter:

You can find me on LinkedIn

I'm on blogger:

I'm also on a numbeer of chat services such as whatsapp.

The master biography/bibliography that I update is:

There is a Sime~Gen wiki which is currently firmly edited by those who know what they're talking about -- but will be open to additions and embroidery by many casual readers trying to be helpful.  By then, we expect to have a paper printing of this Wiki's information in a Concordance of Sime~Gen which will be authoritative.

You can find my page on Amazon where you can use the "follow" button to get notified of new titles:

Or focus on the Sime~Gen Series:

Here is a documentary on French TV that has a few clips of me, and discusses my Star Trek series, Kraith:

And here is Kraith for free reading:

And of course, I own and update my own domain:

So if you find info on me you want to quote, check with me first.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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